SunFit® Protein Plus Naturally Vanilla (680 grams)

SunFit® Protein Plus Naturally Vanilla (680 grams)

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Power up with pure plant protein.

SunFit® Protein Plus packs a balanced blend of 20 grams of pea and rice proteins plus vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and complex carbs into every serving. The best natural formula for a healthy, active lifestyle, SunFit® Protein Plus supports energy, satisfies hunger, and fuels muscle growth and recovery. Mix it in to supercharge your smoothies, top off foods, or enjoy as a nutritious meal replacement.

Benefits :

  • 20 grams of easy-to-digest, pure plant protein per serving
  • Satisfies hunger as a convenient meal or snack
  • Supports energy and muscle growth and recovery
  • No added sugar, dairy, artificial sweeteners, or chemicals
  • Neutral flavor complements any food or beverage
  • 100% vegan

Ingredient Highlights :

  • PEA AND RICE PROTEIN- Our powerful blend of plant proteins contains all nine essential amino acids–– including branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs)––to effectively build lean muscle.
  • COIX FRUIT- This tropical plant is rich in fiber and antioxidants like polyphenols, which are known as “lifespan essentials,” to support digestion, weight loss, and diuresis by helping decrease fat and cholesterol absorption.
  • BAMBOO FIBER – This plant-based fiber aids digestion and helps you feel fuller.

*MAHALAGANG PAALALA: ANG PRODUKTONG ITO AY HINDI GAMOT AT HINDI DAPAT GAMITING PANGGAMOT SA ANUMANG URI NG SAKIT (Important notice: The product is not medicine and is not to be used for treating diseases)


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