December 09, 2019

Sunrider Malaysia Holds Fit & Fun Carnival and Dr. Chen Special Meeting

Over 350 excited attendees thronged Sunrider Malaysia’s headquarters in Kuala Lumpur on November 16, 2019, to participate in a Fit & Fun Carnival and Dr. Chen Special Meeting. The all-day event drew participants from the many different ethnicities that make Malaysia such a beautiful and culturally diverse country, including Malays, Indians, Chinese, Eurasians, and even East Malaysians from Sabah and Sarawak.

An “Exercise & Dance Workout” got the day off to a lively start outdoors, with instructors getting the group moving and torching calories to upbeat music. At the same time, a Product Fair took place inside the sleek headquarters building, where attendees sampled healthy shakes made with SunSport Vanilla Protein Plus and MetaFull Shake Chocolate (known as SunTrim® Shake in the US). There were also booths serving Calli®, Fortune Delight®, SunBar®, Smart Gummy®, and other Sunrider® favorites.

Attendees were later ushered into the building’s Icon Hall for a talk on healthy weight management using Sunrider® products. This was followed by a talk on “Product Sharing” by experienced IBOs who have a deep understanding of the efficacy of Sunrider® products. Winners of Sunrider’s Deepavali Facebook Contest were then presented with prizes, after which attendees were treated to a delicious buffet lunch.

Select IBOs shared their inspiring success stories, and Dr. Tei-Fu Chen, founder and chairman of Sunrider, spoke on topics such as his inspiration behind certain products, tips on how to be a successful IBO, and his vision for the online business in Malaysia.

In her talk, Sunrider President Dr. Oi-Lin Chen talked about the importance for IBOs to keep their “sharing simple and easy to duplicate,” and how “Sunrider is a business that can be passed on to the next generation.”

With the new regional director for South Asia and new country manager for Malaysia on board, the attendees were given a glimpse of exciting events to look forward to, including the Slim Down Challenge, road shows, and many others planned for 2020.

Ace Prime to Hero Elite achievers and Grand Convention award winners were recognized, with Drs. Chen presenting the certificates. Attendees left enriched and inspired by the experience, readier and more eager than ever to grow and share their Sunrider business.