July 13, 2019

Drs. Chen Special Meeting in Singapore

A Drs. Chen Special Meeting was held on June 13, 2019, in the Sunrider Singapore Office. This event brought together ABOs and IBOs from Singapore and Malaysia, who came with their customers and prospects to gain insights from Dr. Tei-Fu Chen and Dr. Oi-Lin Chen, the founder and president of Sunrider International, respectively.

Dr. Tei-Fu Chen expressed his gratitude for the support shown by the attendees, who filled up the meeting room. He started by talking about the quality and unique aspects of Sunrider® products, which included SunFit® Protein Plus, SunTrim® Shake, VitaTaste®, Tei-Fu® MetaShaper®, NuPlus®, and many more. The meeting was engaging and interactive, allowing attendees to obtain a detailed understanding of the product benefits and the reasons behind how and why the products were formulated.

In his second session, which centered on sharing the business, Dr. Chen stressed that doing a Sunrider business should be simple and easy. By focusing on introducing a single Sunrider® product to new people, and following the four simple steps in sharing their “Sunrider story,” anyone can have good results. He added that being confident and having perseverance are also important in achieving one’s goal, and he urged the audience to “dare to dream big and to work diligently in going after goals.”

The meeting also featured an inspiring IBO recognition segment, where newly promoted IBOs were presented with certificate awards from Drs. Tei-Fu & Oi-Lin Chen for their hard work, dedication, and accomplishments.

A fun highlight of the event was a generous lucky draw giveaway conducted by Drs. Chen. Happy winners walked away with wonderful Sunrider® products. And nobody left the meeting empty handed, as each attendee received a complimentary can of Smart Gummy®, a delicious and healthy vegan gummy snack.

The meeting was a great success; attendees left enriched with valuable information and equipped with new skill sets. The IBOs also left with a reenergized determination to reach out to more people and share the Sunrider® products and opportunity to make a difference in their lives.