April 01, 2019

Asia Regional Spring 2019 Conference

The Sunrider Asia Regional 2019 Conference was held March 15–18 in Malaysia’s magical capital city, Kuala Lumpur. The conference saw about 200 business leaders from ten Asian countries joining the founders of Sunrider, Dr. Tei-Fu Chen and Dr. Oi-Lin Chen, and Eric Chen, vice president of global manufacturing, in an unforgettable meeting cum awards banquet dinner and tour. The participating countries were Singapore, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Vietnam, the Philippines, Hong Kong, and host country, Malaysia.

The conference began bright and early on March 16 at the Renaissance Hotel Kuala Lumpur. Setting the tone for a lively event, Eric Chen performed the “Sunburst song and dance” number on stage. He then welcomed everyone and congratulated them for earning the reward incentive to attend the conference. This year’s event attracted more than double the attendees than last year’s event, and Eric announced that even greater things are yet to come for Sunriders in Asia.

Speakers took to the stage and covered topics that included the importance of the “Why,” how to share one’s Sunrider story, and about how to communicate the reasons for joining Sunrider. IBOs from Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines also shared their success stories, which served to motivate and inspire the listeners.

After lunch, Dr Tei-Fu Chen gave his talk on “What Makes Sunrider Different,” emphasizing that Sunrider® products are designed to support general health, not as a cure for diseases. He stressed that once the five systems of our body are balanced, the body is better able to heal itself.

“Young people today are very much into skin care, cosmetics, and weight loss because they want to look beautiful,” Dr. Chen continued, “Sunrider has the answers for them!” He explained how other brands in the market use petroleum and animal by-products, which are cheap but will clog pores and accelerate aging. Sunrider® products on the other hand, use expensive vegetable-based ingredients that moisturize and nourish the skin naturally.

The day meeting ended with Dr. Chen’s reminder that the key to success in MLM business is to “sponsor and keep on sponsoring.” Attendees had photos taken with Drs. Chen before getting ready for the night’s banquet and awards event.

In the evening, Drs. Chen expressed their heartfelt appreciation to the IBOs and their prospects who made the conference such a huge success. Talented IBOs from the Asian region then entertained the crowd with songs from their countries before dinner was served. Hong Kong delegates also paraded in elegant attire for their “Beauty of Kandesn Fashion Show.”

The highlight of the evening was the recognition of all achievers, from Star Elite to Icon, followed by the Hero and Icon Packages winners. Their achievements generated excitement among the delegates, who found their success inspiring. The Lucky Draw was a big hit, with many winners receiving Sunrider’s superb products as prizes.

The city tour took place the next day, where Drs. Chen, Eric, and the delegates visited Putrajaya, which houses the Prime Minister’s office complex and all governmental ministries. After a seafood lunch by the lake, the tour proceeded to Kuala Lumpur and Batu Caves, an iconic Hindu shrine, which enthralled the visitors with its spectacular statues and temples.

Delegates also visited the world’s tallest twin towers, Petronas Twin Towers; the National Palace; Belice Chocolate Kingdom; and Sultan Abdul Samad Building. The Korean delegation made a stopover to tour Malaysia’s brand-new office on Jalan Ampang, which officially opened in December 2018. The tour ended with a dinner at The Love@Matic, which showcased cultural performances from around Malaysia.

The event came to a close with participants vowing to work hard and be rewarded with another trip as wonderful, inspiring, and enriching as this!