March 27, 2019

2019 Regional Meeting in Israel

A Sunrider Regional Meeting was held in March 2019 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Tel Aviv, a high-rise hotel scenically located on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea. The main goal was to bring together IBO leaders to “experience the Sunrider way” and learn directly from the Chen family.

Attendees included about 85 IBOs from all over Europe, as well as from the USA and Canada, who took advantage of performance-based travel incentives, including a package with a three-night stay, training sessions, and a sightseeing tour of Jerusalem. All participants enjoyed the opportunity to learn, be recognized, and meet other Sunriders.

The meeting sessions delivered an array of actionable content. Sunrider’s North America business development manager, Tracy Casey, gave a “Remember Your Why” presentation. Her message communicated the importance of “deeply understanding our Why,” and how doing so can strengthen clarity, conviction, and drive.

The program also featured product and leadership training led by Sunrider’s founder Dr. Tei-Fu Chen, who gave a detailed talk about the unique qualities and appeal of Sunrider® products. Reuben Chen, MD, vice president of global business development, talked about how to more effectively approach people by “sharing the story of your business,” which involves a four-step method that can be done in two minutes.

The meeting was a great success; all participants left enriched with knowledge, equipped with new skill sets, and energized with a heightened anticipation for the 2019 Sunrider Grand Convention, to be held in Los Angeles and Las Vegas this fall.